The Human Element Behind Our Clothes: How choices in sourcing and manufacturing drive change in the fashion industry.
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Brave entrepreneurs are challenging the status quo of the garment industry and creating new supply chains. Our panel will discuss the challenges they have faced developing and sourcing apparel while respecting those who developed and produced their products.
2017 June FGI Event Invite
Did you know less than 1% of the typical garment retail price goes to the sewing operator or laborer? Price wars at retail push fashion brands to constantly look for ways to lower their costs. Our panelists have made the choice to source within the US or source ethically globally. They are proving a new business model is possible in a challenging retail environment.
The consumer price index for clothing has fallen 3.3% over the past 20 years while overall prices increased 63.5%. Remember when a tee shirt cost more than a tank of gas? Join us to hear how the decisions you make as a consumer or brand leader impact the people creating your clothing.