5.3.16 Fabric Side of Fashion

On May 3rd, Fabulous French laces were previewed at Fashion Group International of Chicago's "The Fabric Side of Fashion". Diana Muzzy hosted this wonderful event in her Fine Fabric Sales Showroom. Fashion designer Sujata Gazder displayed her work and explained her passion for lace incorporated in her various ensembles. In addition, we learned about how the textile industry works with designers, about ordering the proper yardage for each collection, and understanding fabric industry lingo and types of trims.  
Sandrine Bernard, President of Solstiss USA and a member of FGI New York, gave a very in depth discussion on the equipment that is utlilzed to produce the lace and previewed modernized silicone-backed lace. Along with the strong Parisian theme and viewing the fabulous French laces, guests sipped on French champagne and enjoyed freshly baked croissants.