2014 Rising Stars: Womens Apparel



Get to know the 2014 Rising Stars Women's Apparel nominees!


Two Penny Blue

Describe how you approach your professional work in a creative and innovative way.

"The mission, the design, and customer experience of the Two Penny Blue brand is fueled by innovation. Creatively, Two Penny Blue takes a fresh, contemporary approach to classic design. Our jackets are inspired by traditional silhouettes, yet every piece is reimagined in a modern light and updated through fabric choice, hardware, detailing and fit, transforming the pieces into current classics.
Two Penny Blue is also a social enterprise with the mission of educating and empowering young girls around the world. With every jacket sold, a school uniform is donated to a girl in need in Africa. Not only does our commitment to socially conscious fashion include giving back, it also includes ethical manufacturing practices. Amidst a culture of “fast fashion,” we are proud that all of our jackets are manufactured in the USA, giving us the opportunity to support US jobs while producing the highest quality garment possible for our customers.
Technology has been a key part of the Two Penny Blue brand since its inception and offers a tremendous opportunity for innovation. We launched with an e-commerce platform and although we have expanded to traditional wholesale channels we continue to explore innovative ways to employ technology to embrace the ever-changing retail landscape. We view technology as a tool for creating a global marketplace for the brand through customer awareness, collaborations, and sales – we have sold the line to customers across the globe from South America to Monaco to the Middle East. We heavily leverage social media via blogs, Instagram and Twitter, and are currently testing software that provides size guidance for on-line shoppers, and well as virtual dressing room software enabled with social media sharing that can be utilized on-line as well as in-store at our flagship boutique opening this fall in Chicago. We are fully committed to leveraging emerging technologies to enhance the customer experience both on-line and in-store." - Marie Whitney

Lagi Nadeau

Describe how you approach your professional work in a creative and innovative way.

"I start each season by building on my inspiration so that I have a strong core to look towards for color palette, silhouette concepts and so on. Then I narrow down my fabric selections which influence that season. I focus on fine fabrics and mixing textures, colors, and prints in interesting ways. My designs are timeless and feminine with playful details. Quality and fit are very important to our customer which is why we produce everything domestically. When designing I always think of the LAGI NADEAU customer who is successful in her career and personal life, and design pieces that fit into her lifestyle.
The importance of relationships and connecting with people. I have been very fortunate to have so many positive, encouraging people from mentors and friends who have come into my life to fabric vendors and factory contacts. I connect my successes to those relationships and because of that I try to do the same with others, to be positive, and help whoever I can. I don’t think you can be in business for just yourself, you have to look at the bigger picture and give back." - Lagilelei Nadeau 

Remi Canarie

Describe how you approach your professional work in a creative and innovative way.

"Designers Lisa and Liz use their creative background to produce a highly creative brand image and line of products. Unlike some of its competitors, Remi Canarie is capable of performing all research and development tasks in house. The owners not only design and draft the patterns themselves, but also have the skills to develop original fabrics. In the past, Remi Canarie has designed unique digital prints using the Adobe Creative Suite from the designers’ original photographs, which were then printed on fabric and incorporated into the garment designs. Remi Canarie also produces original hand knit garments in house, using a mixture of hand knit, machine knit, and crochet techniques that are unique to the brand. These skills enable the company to have complete control of its design from concept to production, and will only benefit the owners’ abilities to visually and verbally communicate the message of the brand.
In addition to creating original fabric designs, Remi Canarie produces flattering cuts that are clever and distinct. The designers pull from their training in tailoring and their highly creative education to produce American Classics gone rogue. For example, a shirt from the Fall/Winter 2014 collection has all of the details of a classic button down, but is over-sized in the body and cropped at the hem to create a flattering and interesting draped silhouette. Remi Canarie’s garments often have silhouettes that appear simple, but the patterns are given clever consideration. For example, a cocktail dress from Spring/Summer 2014 looks like an elegant sheath dress from the front, but is enhanced in the back with a flowing cape attached at the shoulder. Remi Canarie’s clothing acknowledges traditions in clothing conventions, but alters them by splicing contrasting elements in a clever and subtle way, creating garments that are offbeat classics." - Lisa Panza and Liz Patelski

Satoko Mizuno

Describe how you approach your professional work in a creative and innovative way.

 I mix something classic and something new to create something timeless.
 I add a subtle touch of my culture as a Japanese woman in every garment I use.
 I appreciate all the thoughts and hard work somebody put into materials I use, and I try to maximize unique and beautiful features of those materials.
-Satoko Mizuno