2014 Rising Stars: Retail



Get to know the 2014 Rising Stars Retail nominees!


Edith Hart

Describe how you approach your professional work in a creative and innovative way.

"Social media became such a huge part of our world, and such a big part of the business. It is an easy way to understand what the customer likes and dislikes, as well as a way to communicate with the customer demographic. Instagram became a creative outlet to gage what our customer wants." - Morgan Gutterman

Judy Maxwell Home

Describe how you approach your professional work in a creative and innovative way.

"At Judy Maxwell Home, our focus is helping others to make their homes, the spaces they spend the majority of their time, feel inspired, beautiful, and amusing. Gift giving can be so dry and expected, so we look for the whimsical and the unique -- items, cards, found objects, and art work that are unexpected and completely memorable. Then we seek to present those items to customers in an inspired fashion. A 12 foot beach ball hanging in a window. A large baby elephant sculpture with a bunch of shelled peanuts at his feet. A small display featuring various pieces of cat literature (“How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety” among them). We try to give the people what they want. And what they usually want is cats doing odd things." - Joan Cusack Burke


Describe how you approach your professional work in a creative and innovative way.

"Being a small boutique, I am able to utilize my creative juices by continually changing the inside “sets” in my store each month. My challenge is evolving Muse to be fresh, unique and an inspiring place to visit, creating a sense of curiosity, and I think I bring that to the store through the store sets which are all individual and unique. I hope, upon browsing the store, the customer feels comfortable and motivated to be creative with their fashion and inspired to try a new look, or change their assumption or perspective about fashion." - Heather Anderson


Describe how you approach your professional work in a creative and innovative way.

"For my work, I like to be hands on in every aspect – From managing employees, to designing and creating window displays, I do it all. In addition, my colleague Adrea and I spend a lot of time researching the lines we carry to ensure we stock merchandise that meets the needs of our customers in style, quality, and price-point. We also do all of the buying, work the floor, interact with customers throughout the sales process, merchandise the shop, design and implement marketing campaigns, manage public relations etc. It’s incredibly rewarding to be so intimately involved in every facet of the process. As a result, I think I’ve been able to be more creative in the day-to-day operation of the store. For example, I use our designers’ lookbooks, colors, and silhouettes to inspire our seasonal window displays, all of which my staff and I hand-make ourselves.  I think it’s these little touches that really help Trillium stand out. And it’s just plain fun.
In addition, my staff and I make it a point to really get to know our customers. We think it’s important to build relationships with them—and we see them as an extension of the Trillium family. One of my favorite parts about working in a relationship business is talking to my customers about the upcoming collections and what inspired the designer. I think it’s those types of encounters that get lost at department stores or in a chain shop setting, but something we offer our clientele at Trillium." - Erica Cook