2014 Rising Stars: Mens



Get to know the 2014 Rising Stars Mens nominees!


Glass House Shirt Makers

Describe how you approach your professional work in a creative and innovative way.

"We contribute to our community and our planet's wellness and future through our business practices. We choose sustainable materials to work with, build relationships with our craftsmen, pay them a living wage, and educate our customers on why our product is superior to the norm. We use a minimalist approach to design, while holding up each garment’s integrity by using high quality materials.
Relationships are key. Building authentic relationships with the people we work, live, share time with, makes life and work pleasurable, fun, powerful, and real. Glass House shirtmakers succeeds because we want success for the people around us, in every capacity that that means. We are in service to our community and planet, and with their success and joy comes our success and joy – and that makes for an incredible world!" - Daniel Bernardo

J. Toor

Describe how you approach your professional work in a creative and innovative way.

"Our vision is to bring the modern gentleman back to life. This is integrated throughout our approach to clothing design, the atmosphere in the store and the way we conduct business. In the world of menswear, you tend to find brands that either focus more on the design side or on the quality of construction and materials – very few do both. J.Toor specializes in fashion forward bespoke menswear and blends the classic world of bespoke tailoring with modern designs, rich colors and unique details. Our designs range from creative to classic, but all give a nod to sartorial style - where men are effortlessly dapper and attention to the finishing details is standard. Our store feels like a speakeasy for the modern gentleman and includes a scotch bar and variety of European-made accessories and novelties. All garments are individually designed and built from the ground-up using luxury European fabrics. All jackets and suits are fully canvassed uses no glue fusing in its construction. J.Toor is also one of only brands to have been certified and recognized by the Custom Tailors and Designers Association (CTDA). This fall, J.Toor will be expanding its current location to a larger store in the 900 N. Michigan Ave Shops and will show our latest collection during Chicago’s Fashion Focus Week in Millennium Park, Friday, October 17." - Diana McCarty 


Peter Field

Describe how you approach your professional work in a creative and innovative way.

"I’m very fortunate in that I am able to get up and be a part of something special every single day. At Peter Field we are fueled by creating positive change for our customers, team, and community. This is never easy, and as a bootstrapped startup, that makes and does nearly everything in-house, it’s actually incredibly difficult. For every product we have and will launch, there were hundreds of questions that needed to be answered: Where will we source our materials, how will we construct the pattern, what machines will we use to construct each piece, where will we photograph it, and how will we market and sell the product? Answering these questions is where my creativity excels most.
I started Peter Field knowing nothing about the industry or sewing, only that I knew I could sell ties to wedding parties and that I was committed to making this a reality. It was the desire evolve in order to fulfill this dream to sell ties that I taught myself to sew, built a sourcing network from nothing, developed contacts to get the machines and equipment we would need, taught myself to build websites, and became a marketing expert in order to launch successful crowdfunding campaigns.
It’s because of this clean slate and desire to learn that I have built the company around the idea that it doesn’t matter what has been done before us, all that matters is what we do next. We’re not held back by tradition; instead we are empowered by our imagination; not simply in terms of design, but in every single aspect of our business. We decide what we want, and then we find a way to make it happen." - Nicholas P. Monterotti

Stock Manufacturing Co.

Describe how you approach your professional work in a creative and innovative way.

"The menswear market id continually saturated with banal styles and overpriced goods. By deconstructing familiar silhouettes and applying the finest materials, and using our knowledge of manufacturing, we create and sell innovative pieces directly to customers at half the retail price. We collaborate with known companies and personalities to create capsule collections that stand alone completely outside the realm of seasonal collections. Approaching menswear from an industrial design perspective allows me to create balance between pragmatic and fashionable." - Mike Morarity, Tim Tierney, Jim Snediker