2014 Rising Stars: Interiors/Home



Get to know the 2014 Rising Stars Interiors/Home nominees!


2 Design Group

Describe how you approach your professional work in a creative and innovative way.

"2Design Group was started under the practice that each individual client should always feel that they are most important. Creating beautiful and functional spaces will always be part of what we do, but it’s creating relationships with clients that have made 2DG successful. Starting the business at the height of the market crash was a bold decision. 2DG not only survived the recession, but has made huge leaps since opening the doors in early 2009. The story began with Trisha and me, the two founding designers, who set the foundation for great design & customer service. Listening carefully to our clients needs, we realized totally full service design is what we needed to be successful in the market. With degrees in Interior Design and experience in Kitchen & Bath Design and Retail Planning & Interior Architecture, we were able to capture a large audience of clients including homeowners, architects, builders and other interior designers. Trisha left the company in 2012, and I have since taken the company to the next chapter. Over the past 2 years I have worked on growing a blossoming staff of 8 designers, a move across town to a new studio, and in November 2014 we will be opening a multi- faceted retail store and event space for our clients. I have an amazing staff of young, creative, hardworking and energetic designers providing services to clients for interior architecture, interior design, and kitchen & bath design. In addition to the many services we provide, we represent multiple cabinetry and furniture lines so we can manage all aspects of our client projects." - Christine Moritz

Alison Victoria


Brynn Olson

Describe how you approach your professional work in a creative and innovative way.

"Empathy is key to the success of each project and our client is our sole inspiration that drives the creativity and innovation every time. We stress the importance of creating timeless environments with an inspired edge. That “inspired edge” is each client’s unique point of view on their wants and desires for their space. As soon as our clients sign on we hit the ground running, aiming to get to know each client and/or family on a personal level - what they love and hate, how their personalities drive attitudes towards their environments, and how they interact with their space on a daily basis and for special occasions. No two client is alike and, as such, we are challenged every time to get creative and innovative for the differing needs and wants of each project. Simply put – our clients are the muses that keep fresh and progressive.
I’m also a big believer that education – whether formal or by personal exploration –is key to continued evolution and growth. For my team and me it is just that – making sure we’re consistently exposed to all types of designs out there and up to date on new materials, textiles, furniture, etc. I often say we’re only as good as our resources and keeping our resource library stocked and our minds open to evolution of design is incredibly important to us." - Brynn Olson