2014 Rising Stars: Accessories



Get to know the 2014 Rising Stars Accessories nominees!


Cities in Dust

Describe how you approach your professional work in a creative and innovative way. 

"The busier things become, the less time I have for the creative aspect of the business (for now). So I have to find creative ways to stay creative. I try to keep my daily to-do list fun! I take Pinterest and social media breaks throughout the day, which helps keep me on my feet. I have my iPhone ready at all times to take photos of anything around me that I find inspiring. I think the key for me has been to simply stay inspired! It makes the process smoother and more fun! Another really important approach is taking on custom work that challenges me to be a better metalsmith." - Meghan Lorenz 


Describe how you approach your professional work in a creative and innovative way. 

"When we set out on this journey to build a luxury brand and start JGEREN, we wanted to make sure we enjoyed every step of the way. We are inspired by this great city we live in and all of the people / things we see in our everyday lives. It is important that our creative passion is evident in our unique designs. As a team, we use our intuition and create by what “feels” right to us. It’s all about feeling sexy in our own skin and living every day in luxury, the best in quality, design and function. When we are at work, we make sure it is a full sensory experience with our favorite music, our favorite scented candles burning and things around us that keep us grounded. Sharing ideas and visiting other creative networks to gain a new perspective on “life” helps to inspire our fashion vision. It is important that we work when we are inspired and take time to become inspired." - Jennifer Gerenraich & Lori Wallis 

Oak Street Bootmakers

Describe how you approach your professional work in a creative and innovative way.

"As the son of a cobbler, I apprenticed at my father’s shop where I learned the craft of shoemaking from an early age. Today, I simply seek to preserve the heritage of fine shoemaking through thoughtfully designed and attentively crafted shoes. I approach all my design through a singular lens – to create shoes that are boldly unique, yet instantly familiar. Each of the shoes that were introduced as part of Oak Street Bootmakers’ debut collection quickly became wardrobe staples for many men the world over. The shoes combine classic American moc-toe uppers, and many with a Vibram® Cristy sole. The Vibram Cristy, originally developed for hunters and sportsmen, provides Oak Street Bootmakers’ shoes with both a unique silhouette and sneaker-like comfort for all day wear.
The uppers are hand-sewn in Maine from Horween® Chromexcel® leather, a material so rich with history and so widely revered by footwear enthusiasts that it is often asked for (if not demanded) by name. Chromexcel leather maintains a spectacular finish that improves with age. The rich colors we have developed, while certainly unique, effortlessly complement even the most conservative of wardrobes. Despite their traditional appearance, Oak Street Bootmakers’ footwear has made its presence known in surprisingly varied menswear niches. It is not often that a shoe makes its mark everywhere from the Ivy League to the streets of LA – but Oak Street Bootmakers has done just that. Boldly unique, yet instantly familiar." - George Vlagos