Experience Retail: Gwen Morrison

FGI Chicago Welcomes Gwen Morrison

Gwen Morrison, CEO of THE STORE, discusses retail trends from around the world.


FGI members and attendees learned about how retailing in the current brick and mortar mall format is at its peak, and how businesses must adapt to keep shoppers excited about shopping in a store when the internet is so easy. Making choices is no longer about price alone, but about experiences.


Some facts and trends:

- No new enclosed malls have been built in the US since 2006

- The #1 thing people look at while shopping ... is other people

- The boutique experience is trending, and department stores and hotels are adapting their spaces to create this experience for shoppers.

- Campaigns no longer need to follow traditional themes or holidays.


Gwen shared a fantastic video from Coca Cola, from their Singapore Kindness Movement: