Annual Meeting & Holiday Party

Annual Meeting & Holiday Party Invite

The Apparel Industry Board, Inc. (AIBI) a 501 © 6, is a delegate agency of the City of Chicago, Department of Community Development and is the only official organization in Illinois specifically dedicated to the needs of the sewn industry. AIBI is comprised of the major players in Greater Chicago whose careers and business expertise span all facets of the industry including design, manufacturing, merchandising, sales, retail, marketing and finance. AIBI is here to nurture and support designers based in Greater Chicago and is constantly developing new programs to better serve and promote the industry as a whole.

The Apparel Industry Foundation, Inc. (AIFI) a 501 © 3, is the philantropic arm of the Apparel Industry Board.

"The Chicago fashion and apparel industry has been a thriving part of the City's economic life since the 1800s. Through the years, the fashion industry has flourished. Today more than 250 apparel and accessory designers are head quartered here, creating a diversity of fashions, The Apparel Industry Board is committed to building and promoting a stronger apparel industry in Chicago, and for this we are indeed grateful."

- Richard M. Daley, Mayor of Chicago
March 2004